Pixelated Polarizers for Focal Plane Arrays

Our Pixelated Polarizer Arrays for Focal Plane Arrays can be placed atop focal plane arrays to provide information about the polarization state of an image, which provides more data about the scene.  The information that can be detected includes:

  • Detection of man-made objects
  • Better detection of obscured objects
  • Better detection of boat wakes
  • Many Remote sensing applications


  • Imaging polarimetry and Polarization Difference       
  • 3-D Imaging and Display                                            
  • Target discrimination
  • Polarization Microscopy
  • Biological Analysis and differentiation
  • Interferometry


Our advanced design offers:

  • Reduced crosstalk and scattering
  • High polarization extinction ratios
  • Functionality in visible, near, mid and long wavelength IR

Our engineers will custom design the device to fit your system configurations and will assist with system integration.  We accept small quantity orders.

Click here for a detailed data sheet. 

Contact us at navallone@phoebusopto.com to discuss your dimension and performance requirements.